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Taylor-Made Skin is a brand focused on providing you with high quality and plant-based self-care products at an affordable price. . I could never find the right face oil that wouldn't break me out or a body lotion that actually kept my skin moisturIzed, so eventually one day I decided to create my own. I took what I learned from my own skin and continued on in my research for the best ingredients for different products. This has lead me to create and formulate Products for my brand, Taylor-made skin. Each of the products that will be released on this site have been researched by me and tested on various skin types to make sure they are as high quality and effective as possible. However, here at Taylor-Made skin, my brand goes beyond skin and self-care. One of my main priorities is to not only provide the best products but to give back to our community. You will NEVER hear my brand be silent on ANY issue that impacts our world in a drastic way. It is our purpose to not only provide but to educate. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me- Taylor 

I love all of you and as always stay safe, be healthy, and support others.



About My Brand

I founded Taylor-Made with one goal in mind: providing handmade, high-quality, plant-based, and affordable skin and self-care. As a black woman, I found it difficult to find things that truly worked for my skin, so one day I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I did so much research to the point where I knew about a lot of skincare ingredients off the top of my head. I dreamed for years of founding my own company and being able to provide other people with the knowledge I gained through all of the research I did. These products truly come from the heart and by supporting me you are supporting my passion. Everything that you see on this site from the website itself to the labels on the bottles have been made by me and solely me. THIS is Taylor-Made.


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