Why A Blog?

When I told a few people that I was going to add a blog along to this site, some people were like: "Why would you do that? Brands that sell skincare usually don't have blogs. What are you going to put on a blog?" I laughed because I knew exactly what I would be putting on this blog because I know exactly what I want to talk to you guys about.

As young people, we have all this access to the internet and a close to an unlimited amount of resources there. However, a large majority of people, especially young women of color, are still confused about what to do with their skin and how to embrace their natural selves. I know I was one of those people. All that access to the internet, but at the end of the day, I gained no knowledge about skincare and nothing really helped me. I want to help change that for people. When you come to this site, it's about more than shopping, it's about the community that we are building together. I want this to be an open space where people can comment and ask questions about their skin concerns, an ingredient, or how a particular product may work. If you go to the homepage, there is a whole section at the bottom where you can personally send me a question and I promise you that I will answer it. Now I may not know the answer to everything, but I promise if I don't know if off the top of my head, I will find you an answer. I have learned SO much in these past few months! I thought I knew everything there was to know about plant-based skincare, but oh was I wrong. As I learn new things and how to formulate with more ingredients I want to be able to inform you guys! I have A LOT of new things that I plan to introduce because I truly want my brand to be able to cater to all skin types. This is truly just the start you all and I can't wait to grow not only as a person, but as a business owner with all of you. Words cannot express how truly grateful I feel to have you all supporting me. It means the world to me<3

This brand is about more than just plant-based skincare, this brand is about educating our young community and being able to come together embrace ourselves in our natural states. Instagram is wonderful and all, but aren't you tired of always trying to aspire to look like the people on there? It is time to take off the mask, look yourself in the mirror, and become comfortable in your own skin. I want to help make ALL of you comfortable in your own skin.

A wise man once told me that as long as you take at least one step every day, you are making progress. Take your one step today. If you wear a full face makeup every day because you're scared of what people will say about your skin, forget them, what matters is what YOU think about yourself. If you are scared to try plant-based skincare because you don't know if you'll like it or if it'll work for you but you're interested in it, start small and purchase one of our body oils or scrubs and see if you like it. If you want to start that business, come up with the first steps of your plan to start. I just encourage you to take one step today and continue taking one step every day, and before you know it you'll have walked a mile.

As I mentioned, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave a comment down below, send me a message on our homepage, dm me on Instagram @taylormadeskinllc, or email me at As always, shop Taylor-Made Skin and don't forget to take that one step ;)

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